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Matching your circumstances to great opportunities

Your knowledge and your mindset are your greatest assets - team up with our expertise, our access and our Team and your ASSET just multiplied massively!

Too much emphasis is often placed on buying the property and not enough understanding of the steps to achieve, what is your end goal, and why / purpose. It is not about how fast you build your property investment - it is how well and for what reasons.

This is why we are different - We focus on YOU
- what your capabilities are - what your goals are - what you can afford to do.

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Mark Oliver

I am often asked 'What is my value?'

With my background in Engineering, Finance and Real Estate I have a unique view of the Real Estate Industry and how it works from three different perspectives. Allowing me to take opportunities, pull together technical aspects, develop new concepts and organise finances to orchestrate residential developments.

Having these three key skills allows me to pull on knowledge and expertise as and when needed to help my clients in areas they need. This enables me to provide value in their business to help them reach their long term goals through opportunities.

Mechanical Engineering & Project Management
- Many years in custom machinery & process design including project management & construction

Mortgage Broker
- Diploma in Certified Finance & Mortgage Broking with access to 35+ lenders
- Australian Credit Licensee Number: 387 419

Independent Real Estate Agent
- License No: 4349803

By having all 3 qualifications I can confidently and legally have discussions in the 3 main aspects of property - Sites / Construction - Funds - Sales and by controlling all 3 I can offer greater VALUE to your unique situation.

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